Voicemail on Your Website, Blog, Podcast or FB Page

This voicemail tool can provide the mechanism for you to connect with your visitors in a much more personal way than simply using a contact form or email. And because it’s so easy, once your visitors get used to using SpeakPipe, they’ll never want to go back to the old way of doing things! Continue Reading


The Logo Creator

Create. Again and Again and Again

If we had to have just one tool for creating logos, headers, fb posts and other graphics, it would be the logo creator. It’s simple to use, yet creates outstanding, graphics that look totally professionally designed. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you better get going. Oh, and did we mention the add-on paks? We love those too! Continue Reading



We’re Actually Organized Here At The ‘Zu

THE ZU brings you the best productivity tool out there for 2014. This tool is easy, easy, easy to use. And it has a lot of capabilities to boot! If you want to get organized, want to get your team organized, or just want to get your family organized, you need to check out Trello. Watch our video on the review page — it was made for our casino clients, but you’ll get the idea! Continue Reading