An End to the Never-Ending Image Problem

How about hundreds of commercial-use images that are high quality? We’re not talking those free sites that you go to and think to yourself, “No wonder these images are free–they stink!” When you see Pexel images, you’ll know why the ‘Zu sent you there! Continue Reading



The World of Wordle

If you like word clouds, you’ll love Wordle. This word cloud generator is a simple-to-use online marketing tool that creates lovely word clouds by just entering a few words of text and clicking “create”. It also changes the look of the word cloud by simply clicking another button entitled “randomize”. It’s fun, easy, and quite cool-looking.
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A Monkey Is Loose in The ‘Zu

PicMonkey is a FREE online photo editor that works better than most and quite frankly, we use it mostly for Facebook posts. It’s simple to use and can take an ordinary image and turn into something much more professional-looking. We used PicMonkey for the images on our sidebar . . . just to spiff it up a bit. Continue Reading


Phixr Editing Tool

The Name Says It All

There’s lots of editing tools out there so we tried to choose those we found to offer the most simplistic ease of use while providing the user with several options. Phixr Editing Tool made the cut! Using Phixr you can soften and sharpen photos, imitate HDR images (using unsharp mask algorithms), remove noise (“despeckle”). Phixr can also blur your photos in many ways (eg. motion and zoom blur). You can add objects (icons; think flowers, smilies, etc.), borders and textures (overlays), of which there are hundreds to choose from. Phixr can even geotag your photos. Continue Reading