EZ Vid

They Don’t Call It EZ For Nothin’

Video Editor designed for PC Users (or Parallels on Mac) that creates video slide style videos and uploads to YouTube. The software has music embedded in it so you don’t have to find your own. You can, of course, upload your own audio files as well. Take a look at this and let us know what you think. We’re Mac users and don’t put anything on our Macs that could cause us to catch one of those old nasty viruses so we don’t have much experience with this one, but we’d love to hear your feedback. Continue Reading



How Many Presses Can You Do?

This plugin ROCKS! We’ve PAID for video plugins that didn’t do as much as this one or didn’t perform as well. If you want to add a video library on your page, then this is the tool for you. You can pull from an existing playlist, channel, group or album that already exists on Vimeo or YouTube or you can create your own channel and pull the videos in from there. Or, if you want to just do a keyword search, this tool has you covered as well. Check it out. Another FREEBIE brought to ya by THE ZU! Continue Reading