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A Great Online Photo Editor for Marketers

Phixr is a free online photo editor, a tool for editing your photos in your web browser. It has all the basic and advanced photo editing features, plus some fun ones, like adding text or clipart, adding speech-bubbles, and many more. Phixr offers hundreds of filters, effects and other unique features. Web photo editing made really easy!


Phixr is ideal for camera phones (like the iPhone) or the iPad: Upload your photo directly or per e-mail, edit it, and send it on its way to friends, family or one of the many photo sharing sites. You don’t even need to register with Phixr – just click on “Get started” and you’re in. That’s one click.


Phixr’s tool palette includes lots of basic, fun and advanced features. The basic tools are crop, resize (shrink, enlarge), rotate and flip (mirror). The crop tool also contains an avatar generator. Advanced tools include a red eye remover, levels correction and color balance adjustment, just to name a few.


Color Filters and Camera & Lens Tools


Phixr Online Photo Editor can change a photo’s colors in incredibly many ways. Starting with the basics, there is of course a tool for correcting brightness, exposure, contrast, temperature, saturation, vibrance and hue, and a color balance and histogram-based levels tool. Phixr can also auto-correct contrast, white-balance and color balance. The real fun, however, are Phixr’s 60+ photo filters and 60+ camera & lens filters. The latter can create a tilt-shift or lomography (lomo) effect, imitate a Holga or night vision camera, or add a vignette, just to name a few.


Adding Text


The text tool is one of Phixr’s most powerful tools. You can choose from nearly 200 fonts, and there is something for everybody and every occasion. Text can be rotated and placed freely inside the photo. Furthermore, you can add shadows and bevels to make your text look three-dimensional. There is also a meme generator in order to quickly add funny quotes to photos.


Other Tools


Among those are tools to soften and sharpen photos, imitate HDR images (using unsharp mask algorithms), remove noise (“despeckle”). Phixr can also blur your photos in many ways (eg. motion and zoom blur). You can add objects (icons; think flowers, smilies, etc.), borders and textures (overlays), of which there are hundreds to choose from. Phixr’s fun effects include comic creation, charcoal drawing, oil painting, spray painting filters and what not. Phixr can even geotag your photos.


When you are done editing, you can save your photo in various formats. You can also print the photo, or upload it to a photo sharing site of your choice.


Phixr is also available as a Facebook application.

Price:  FREE

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