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Facebook Link GeneratorThe days of not being able to figure out how to make those great share boxes for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are over.  And all this time, you thought you had to have a special app or software to make this happen didn’t you?  Not so.

The Share Link Generator is a great online marketing tool for anyone who wants their visitors to share specifically what they want shared! This generator is so easy to use, that even I can do it!

Just enter the information requested in the fields requested and then test your links.  Watch the video to see exactly how we do it.


share-link-generator-1-buttonAnother Free Tool Brought To You By The ‘Zu

Betsy Modglin

Betsy Modglin is an online marketer, offline marketer and lover of online marketing tools! She assists land-based casinos and small businesses in meeting their online marketing goals. She has a beach house on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, called Le Shabby Chateau, a farm in Southern Illinois, and an Aussie Doodle named Blossom. When she's not working on online marketing, she loves to glamp-out vintage campers.

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