The Logo Creator

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The Logo Creator

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Watch the video to see the logo creator in action!  We love this tool so much, that we almost didn’t want to share it!  Fire your graphic designer!  You won’t need them anymore!  We make almost ALL of our graphics for ourselves and our clients using The Logo Creator.  This tool is so simple to use that the only thing it takes on your part is a wee little bit of creativity.  And I know you’re creative, aren’t you?  Well, of course, you are!

So what exactly is The Logo Creator and what does it do? Well for one, you can create logos.  Figured that one out, huh?  But you can also create headers, facebook timeline images, blog graphics, and even YouTube video overlay images.   If you need an image, this is the tool for you.

And Marc Sylvestor, the creator, is a prince of guy.  He responds to comments and is quick to try to develop add on paks that are requested by his buyers.  All in all, this one is a heck of a winner.  As a matter of fact, we couldn’t live without it.

Price: ONLY $32!


The Logo Creator Add Ons

One of the best things about The Logo Creator is that the developer, Marc Sylvester, is always coming up with new add ons.  These add ons will make you look like a professional designer.  I’ve listed the add ons below:

Animated 3D CharactersScreen Shot 2014-01-31 at 7.15.15 PM (Only Work with The Logo Creator)

There’s no need to try to learn tricky 3D software.  By using The Logo Created and this add on pack you can create incredible 3D bubble characters.  You have to take a look at these characters to really get a feel for how incredibly cool they are:

Price: $27


Product Poppers (Must Have The Logo Creator for This to Work)

Easily create awesome animated images using this software for your website, facebook page, blogs, and forums.  Watch the video to see this in action. product-poppers-tulzu

Price:  $27




Business Card Creator (Must Have The Logo Creator for This to Work)

You can go out and pay a designer a ton of money to make business cards for you and your client or you can get the Business Card Creator and do it yourself.  No one will know the difference.  Lots of templates to choose from and connected to vista print so you can get your cards printed right away.  This one is a deal for now.  Not sure how long it’s going to last.  business-card-creator-tulzuWatch the video for more information.

Price:  $67 – ON SALE FOR $47


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